BPA Free BPA Free

Because it matters.

Leak Proof Leak Proof

We think water is much more useful in your bottle, than in the bottom of your gym bag.

Pillid® Stacks Pillid® Stacks

Need another Pillid to help get you through your day?  Just stack on another one, or two.

Dividers Dividers

Divide and conquer. Pillid comes with two dividers so you can split it in halves or quarters.

Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe

Keep it clean, keep it real clean. But keep it in the top rack.

Made in the USA Made in the USA

The idea for Pillid was born in the USA. We figured the product should be made here too.


What Pillid fans are saying.

  • Ingenious product. Brilliant idea. Stock your pills for the day, keep them discreetly on your water bottle (or your child’s). Great reminder too.

    - Mary
  • Seriously, why did no one invent this years ago? With this product I am able to tuck away money and my house key, and not worry about wearing pockets when I walk or go to the gym. It will be perfect for my friend’s dad who takes medication for diabetes.

    - Michael
  • I can carry my key and my headphones in it while I run – or I can actually REMEMBER to take my suppliments for once. And as a girl whos always looking for more reasons to drink water, this is one more step in the right direction.

    - Sarah
  • Suzanne

    I have a child with a chronic illness and she needs to take medications twice a day. Sometimes we just aren’t near a water fountain or store and she needs her pills. Now she can carry them with her and have access to water too. It gives her a lot more freedom.

    - Suzanne
  • Laura

    I love that the Pillid holds up even in the most severe conditions. Outside the water, the temperature is -20!  I use the Pillid to hold my locker key and jewelry while I soak up the benefits of Chena Hot Springs in interior Alaska.

    - Laura